Who Cares?

Message from Mike Litman that I got in my email today:

Dear Steve,

So what some of you’re friends and family don’t
believe in your dreams.

Who cares.

So what some people mock you for spending time
reading success books, going to seminars, starting
your own business.

Who cares.

So what some people think your success needs to happen
instantly because their life is all about instant

Who cares.

So what in the past you’ve made mistakes, you’ve quit on
yourself, you looked like a fool to some.

Who cares.

So what you’ve made some bad business moves, followed the
wrong people, got bad advice.

Who cares.

So what you thought you’d be further along towards your
goals by now.

Who cares.

Who cares.

Who cares.

None of that matters one bit.

Not one.

Who cares about yesterday. Who cares about the past.

Nothing matters.

Your failures don’t matter.

Your mistakes don’t matter.

Your past doesn’t matter.

What matters is what you’re going to do with your future.

What will you do with your future? What will you start anew

What is one thing you don’t want to do today, but if you
did it would move your life or business forward?

What will you do with your greatness that demands to be

what will you do with your natural strengths that beg to be

What will you do with your inner courage that desires to
stomp on your fears?

Will you let your great inner worth and power stay asleep
or will you ignite the match called the fire within?

What will you do?

Mike Litman
World’s #1 Motivator

P.S. Forward this email now to 3 friends you CARE about.

Well, I care about anyone who may be reading this blog 🙂

And I agree with all he has to saw.

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