What would you do?

An interesting thing has been happening between James Brausch and CD Baby.

CDBaby has been running a contest for the top selling CD, and James Brausch has been promoting his CDBaby CD’s from his blog. He has achieved top spot, but it seems that CDBaby is trying to cheat him out of it.

James has the option of suing CDBaby, or ignoring their behaviour. He has asked his blog readers what they would do. I would ignore them and take my business elsewhere. Here is why:

The amount of money gained suing CDBaby would be miniscule compared to the amount that could be gained putting that same time, effort, and energy into creating and promoting – two things that James does very well.

Also, while I do believe in justice, I don’t believe in vengence, and often lawsuits end up being more about vengeance then justice. It is just bad energy that hurts all parties involved.

In my opinion, the bottom line would be better served by forgiving, and moving your business elsewhere. As for justice, why worry about giving CDBaby what they deserve? They haven’t worried about giving James what he deserves, so what should it matter if CDBaby gets their punishment/reward now or later? CDBaby is being short sighted and losing valuable online goodwill. A lawsuit might even help CDBaby fix their actions and profit them more in the future. If this is the case, and the lawsuit is done at the expense of James Brausch’s emotional energy and time (much more valuable then any money involved,) then is that justice? I don’t think so.


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6 comments for “What would you do?

  1. cdbaby
    August 30, 2007 at 11:34 am

    I was surprised to find out that the winner of our contest thinks that our software update that was 2.5 years in the making was somehow an aggressive act of cheating one person out of sales.

    I have emailed James personally with some details, not worth going into here. But in short : during a massive software update, our site was down for 30 minutes, that’s all. And an email James sent with his tracking numbers for warehouse restock were not received. I’m sorry to hear that James took it personally, but he’s winning the contest (by far: over twice as many sales as the #2 slot) anyway.

    Derek Sivers, president, CD Baby

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