Good Christmas, the Dishes Game

This was a wonderful Christmas, we were able to get each of our children the thing(s) they wanted.

And we were able to get the Christmas dinner dishes done without the usual whining and complaining.

We played the dishes game.

This is game is deceptively simple, and surprisingly fun. It works if there are at least 4 people participating, but the more the merrier. It makes the chore of cleaning up the kitchen and washing dishes after a big meal into a fun activity. Here is how it is played.

We use a pen and paper. One person is “it” or the writer. That person chooses a number between 1 and 100 and writes it down. Then everyone else takes turns trying to guess the number. The writer tells everyone after their guess if the actual number is higher or lower. When someone guesses the number, then they go start the dishes. Then a new writer is chosen and a new number is written and everyone (except the person currently doing dishes) takes turn guessing again. When someone guesses the number, they trade places with the person doing the dishes.

But here is the catch. If a number right next to the writer’s number is guessed, then the writer has to trade places with the person doing dishes.

So, if I was the writer and I wrote down “19” then the first person guessed “50” I would say “lower” the next person guesses “10” and I say “higher”. If someone then guessed “19” I would show them my written down number and they would go do the dishes. If someone guessed “18” or “20” then I would go do the dishes. After each change of the dishwasher, a new writer takes their turn.

It is more fun than it sounds, and it is a great way to avoid complaining and/or help out the host.

If you have more than 6-8 people, it works best to have 2 doing the dishes and rotate through them.

I learned of this game from my sister-in-law, and having grown up grudgingly taking my turn at doing the dishes, and watching my children do all they can to avoid the dishes, (I wonder who they learned that from!) I really appreciate the goodwill and fun it brings to a what has been a chore to avoid or complain about.

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