There is an oldish adage “count your blessings” that seems to be very appropriate at the moment. I have been feeling down because of some slight difficulties in my life, but those problems pale in the large perspective of things.

“Count your blessings – name them one by one” I am not going to do exactly that, but I did want to put down some things that are very right and good about my life that I am grateful for.

1. I have a wonderful wife who is intelligent and wise and beautiful and sexy and loves me.
2. I have children who each have their own unique qualities and traits and who I love and who love me. I am proud of all of them for various reasons.
3. I have a very good – better than I deserve – family that I was raised in.
4. I learn things easily. I enjoy learning and thinking and appreciating the beauty around me, both God made, and that coming from the talents of others
5. Music
6. Literature
7. Income, high (very high by most of the world’s standards) quality of life. I am never hungry unless I choose to be, I have a home and (too many) possessions.
8. I have the ability to find something to appreciate in every circumstance I have ever been in. I sometimes forget this and pay with a bit of depression. But when I remember and act on that ability, I cheer myself up quickly.
9. A sense of humor. I can (when I choose – need to choose more often) find something funny about pretty much anything.
10. The ability to assume that others are doing their best to get along. I attribute slights and insults from others to misunderstandings and circumstances I am not aware of. I am probably often wrong, but I like living in this world that I have created with my outlook that is full of good people.

That is all for now – I am going to bed – how wonderful to have a nice warm dry comfortable place to lay my head each night!

Tomorrow is going to be an absolutely great day. No matter what happens in it.

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