stop gambling with your future and start making money

Everyone seems to want to get rich quick, make money with little or no effort, basically have a fortune handed to them with no effort on their part.

Of course, I shouldn’t say everyone, because there are plenty of people who claim they don’t want to get rich. They don’t want to “sell out”, or to become one of the people they despise, you know, the people who think they are better than than you because they have money and you don’t. Those people think that wealth equals snobbishness.

The are others who think that the those who are rich got there by getting lucky breaks, having relatives give them money, knowing the right people, winning the lottery, or some other “lucky” circumstance. They think that wealth is a product of fate.

And still others who are afraid of money. They don’t want to have the responsibility that comes with having money. They would rather have somone else tell them what to do and how to live their lives. They think that a JOB equals security.

And of course there are the ones that want to get rich, but they don’t understand how. They spend time, money and effort on things like playing the lottery, investing in schemes that are quasi-legal at best, multi-level marketing, and buy every e-book, course and seminar that gurus’ claim will show them how to make million overnight. They think that all it takes to get rich is having the right knowledge.

Because you are reading this, you probably belong to, or at one time have fallen for some of the misconceptions in the last group. I know I have. I don’t believe in playing the lottery, or gambling with questionable investments, but the seductive ideas put forward by the those peddling their MLM programs and their seminars and courses are hard to resist.

The sales letters don’t usally lie, or even mislead. But the overal opinion and view seems to be that aquiring the right knowledge will make your rich and successful. It will, but not by itself. To be successful you have to apply that knowledge in a focused and effective way. And the sales letters make it sound like that will be easy to do.

But in reality it’s not. No matter how great the hype, or even the truth of a guru’s system other guru’s systems will always look attractive, and once you see the actual work involved, the next hyped system that comes along may be better. Focus and perserverence is the key, and at least for me, focus and perserverence are hard.

This is a long winded introduction to my main point:

The secret to getting rich – quick or slow – is to build a viable business.

Create a product that helps people and delivers more value than you charge for it.
Use proven marketing techniques to let people know about your product.
Set up processes that can be automated and constantly improve both your product and your marketing.

When you have your first product set up and selling, repeat the process creating more products until you are making as much money as you want.

That is how you get rich.

It requires knowledge (you probably already have enough of that). It requires work, and and it requires focus.

I will be releasing how-to videos and tools to help you (and me) on this path. Some will be free, and some I will charge for. has some videos and tools. More will be available soon.

But the important thing to remember is that you CAN and SHOULD get rich. Don’t believe the lies and misconceptions, be wary of the hype, pick your path and stay on it.

Getting rich slow can happen faster than you think.

Here is to your success!

-Steve Oliphant.

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