Keith Baxter’s Stealth Traffic Secrets Video Notes


Step 1 – wp blog
Theme doesn’t matter if clean, Thesis, FlexSqueeze, SemiLogic

Step 2
Plugins: StealthTrafficSystem, OnlywireMultiposter, AutoSocialPoster, Shorten2ping, Twitme

Step 3, 10 articles, 1 main page, 9 blog posts, main page is main keyword, 9 blog posts are related longtail, all unqiue, only post 1 per day. Write own or use:

Step 4:
camtasia, powerpoint or,

spin articles for remote posting to article to directories.

Step 5:
Create youtube account dedicated to this project
easiest to name domain name without extension

Step 6:
Submit video, record URL
Submit to other video sources, trafficgeyser, etc
link in video description points back to article on blog
rest of descr can be first paragraph of article

Step 7:
Use multi submit service, submit one of spun articles to article directories, articlemarketer
resource box needs 2 links – one to youtube video, one to blog article
anchor text needs to be keyterm for links

Step 8:
repeat steps 6 and 7 for every article posted to the blog

Step 9:
Submit press release linking to home page.
1 per 10 page minisite, 1per week for larger site$19)$49)
(above 3 cheaper and more effective than prweb)

Step 10:
rss submission
– wait until 10 articles done

Step 11 Linkvana ($147 per month + $2.00 per post)
5 links to home page using primary keywords
1 link to other pages using longtail page keyword
1 link submitted every 3 days

Step 12
if more than 50k pages for phrase match on google search
don’t use until site is aged at least 1 month, content all in place, and previous steps all done.

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