What do I want from life?

I watched the movie Peaceful Warrior for the first time last night.

I have read book it is based on, Way of the Peaceful Warrior multiple times since I was a teenager.

So I am in a reflective and soul searching frame of mind. I made the following lists (non-edited brain dumps in order of thinking of it, *not* priority) and am leaving them here to come back and revisit.

    Want to have:

  • – rugged smart phone with replacement insurance and unlimited data plan
  • – reliable vehicle that is good (comfortable) for road trips (rental works for this too.)
  • – weightlifting power cage and 100 lbs more in weight plates than I can currently lift to stay ahead of myself in strength gains.
  • – budget money and time to run a 5k race every month
  • – all terrain stroller/wheelchair so I can take Michael on runs/hikes.
  • – budget money and time to buy 4+ books every month (I read more than this, this is for the ones I want to keep in paper form)

Then I realized that many of these things are related to a different list – so then I listed what I want to do:

    Want to do:

  • – Continue lifting and improving my strength to be able to lift more than 225 lbs strict overhead press, 300 lbs bench press, 400 lbs back squat, 500 lbs dead lift (current maxes on each of those lifts are: overhead press: 145 lbs, bench: 245 lbs, squat: 325 lbs, deadlift: 355 lbs
  • – Continue running and improve my times. While pushing Michael in a jogging stroller/wheelchair (he is currently 12 years old and aprox 80 lbs)
  • – Hike Timpanogos again (and other mountains) with any of my family and friends that want to go.
  • – Roadtrip around the U.S. and visit all the tourist spots – starting with the many here close to home
  • – Write and publish a novel
  • – Be debt free. (I am embarrassed this is so far down on the list – I would have hoped I thought of it earlier.)
  • – Speak fluent Spanish
  • – touch type fast

And I think hitting that ‘debt free’ line woke me up a little and I realized that I really should be focusing on what I want to *be* because there is only now – and the future comes from who I choose to be *now*

    Want to be:

  • – always in the moment
  • – only have good habits
  • – serving others
  • – working towards the wants in the other 2 lists – but being ok if I never get them – the joy is in the journey
  • – able to laugh at myself and the world
  • – able to accept and enjoy change
  • – vulnerable

Now a lot of that may not make sense to anyone but me. But if you watch that movie or read that book, it will.

Next up: do the exercises at http://chrisguillebeau.com/3×5/lifestyle-design-and-your-ideal-world/ and really narrow down what I should be doing to fulfill my potential!

Love, peace and joy to you dear reader!

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