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5 Keys to Being a Leader in Your Industry [#5]

By Craig Ballantyne
5) A Book

This is what separates the leaders from the pack. “A thought leader needs to be in print a lot…and every thought leader has a book,” Dan Kennedy proclaimed. Even today in the world of social media domination, the power of a book remains vital. If you are intimidated by putting a book together, here’s an easy way to get started:

Step #1 – Come up with 10 chapters

Step #2 – Come up with 5 sub-sections per chapter

Step #3 – Come up with 3 questions per sub-section

Step #4 – Answer the questions — you can do this by audio if you don’t like writing and then have the audio transcribed — voila, instant book

Step #5 – Have the book edited…it doesn’t need to be professionally re-written, but spelling and grammar should be corrected

BONUS – To do a video product, just follow the same system – 10 modules, 5 sub-sections, and 3 main questions to answer in each.

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