How your worst writing can be the most helpful

I attend an AA 12 step meeting every day if I am able to, and today I heard something that I already knew, but I want to emphasize it’s importance in my life, and encourage you to try if you never have.

When your mind is spinning out of control, thoughts of fear and anxiety running through it, all the “what if’s” and “if only’s”, Get a notebook or piece of paper, or open a notepad or writing app, or even a facebook note that you set to ‘private’ so only you can see it, and write down, just dump, don’t think about what you are writing, ignore grammer, spelling, punctuation etc. and dump those thoughts out.

As you do this, writing down, getting on paper or on screen all those thoughts rampaging through your head, you will find that your mind calms, the thoughts slow down, and the weight of the worries decreases. This then makes room for more helpful thoughts and allows for meditation and reflective thinking.

I have done this in the past, I don’t do it near often enough, and I highly recommend it and plan to do it as part of my daily morning and evening routines.

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